Stigma Tattoo Machine Kit Professional Rotary Pen Kit Digital Display Power Supply Permanent Makeup Machine with Plastic Box for Eyebrows Eyeliner Lip EM130P18302B-1-UK

Price: £79.99
(as of Sep 24,2022 03:34:29 UTC – Details)


✶TATTOO & PERMANENT MAKEUP: Stigma compete tattoo machine kit can be used for both small tattoos and fine eyebrow, eyeliner, lip. There are four practice skins for you to use. Light weight and lovely, easy to use, suitable for women to use at home.
✶HIGH-SPEED CORELESS MOTOR: Stigma tattoo pen adopts a high-speed coreless motor and a unique internal design concept. It solves a series of problems of traditional tattoo pens, such as tired cutting lines, color leakage, and false cutting lines. The machine can be used with current universal wireless power supplies.
✶RCA INTERFACE OF LIGHTING CIRCUIT BOARD: Stigma pen machine RCA interface adopts a unique lighting circuit board with power-on mixed flash function, which can not only judge the stability of the power input, but also relieve the pressure of the tattoo artist in the high-intensity work. The interface with the high-end RCA interface ensures the unplugging of the cable. Insert firmness, not easy to fall off.
✶COMPLETE KIT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNING: Stigma complete professional tattoo kit for beginners and tattoo artist. The digital display power supply allows you to check and adjust the voltage at any time. Whether you give it as a gift to others or to yourself, it is a very good choice.

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