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Amazon Basics Vacuum Sealer Machine for Sous Vide Cooking, 30cm Seam with 10 Bags for Preserving Meat, Fish, Fruits, and Vegetables, Black

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AmazonBasics Vacuum Sealer, 30 cm Seam + 10 Vacuum Bags, Black

By keeping air out and sealing freshness in, this AmazonBasics vacuum sealer keeps foods fresh and delicious up to 10 times longer than conventional storage methods. The countertop appliance preserves the freshness of food, which not only provides exceptional convenience, but it also helps save money—no more having to throw away freezer-burned meat, mouldy produce, or forgotten leftovers. The vacuum sealer comes with 10 handy bags of vacuum-bag material, making it easy to get started.

Keeps food fresh up to 10 times longer Prevents freezer burn Allows for sous vide cooking Control vacuuming length (cancel button) Dry/Moist and Pulse Vacuum modes Multifunctional Compact design

Vacuum-Seal Food in a Canister (not included)

Easily vacuum seal food in a canister. Simply add food, secure the lid, and connect the hose from the canister lid to the machine. Press the button to start; the appliance will stop automatically once the canister is vacuum sealed (canister and hose not included).

3mm Sealing Strip

The vacuum sealer comes equipped with a sealing strip that measures 3mm wide. The machine’s wide sealing strip applies the perfect amount of heat to the bag material, fusing it together and ensuring a secure, airtight seal every time.

Multiple Operating Modes

Multiple modes offer exceptional control. Choose Moist mode for vacuum sealing wet food or Dry mode for dry items, like coffee beans, nuts, or cereals. Moist mode runs longer than Dry mode. Press the Pulse Vacuum button to start vacuum-sealing a canister (not included).

Step 1

Add food to the bag provided, and then place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber area.

Step 2

Close the cover and press tightly until you hear it click into place on both sides.

Step 3

Select Dry/Moist mode, and then press the Vacuum & Seal button to automatically vacuum and seal the bag.

Step 4

When finished, press the release buttons on both sides of the appliance to open the cover and take out the sealed bag.

Ideal for meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables; BPA-free material; great for sous vide cooking; control the vacuuming length to preserve softer food
Multiple operating modes (dry/moist and pulse vacuum); can also be used to safely store valuables, like important documents or jewellery
Compact and lightweight design; 30 cm seam width; 10 vacuum bags included (safe for microwaving, boiling, or sous vide cooking)
Powerful vacuum capacity: 90% at -0.8 bar; strong sealing (3mm sealing bar)

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