Nikura | Blends Best Sellers Essential Oils Gift Set (5 x 10ml) | Anti-Anxiety, Citrus Relief, Four Thieves, Relax & Unwind, Sweet Dreams

Price: £9.95
(as of Sep 19,2022 14:19:23 UTC – Details)

Carefully created to offer specific benefits and hand-blended by our oil experts, our Essential Oil Blends are truly special products. Anti-Anxiety: Feel at peace again with this comforting blend of floral and citrus oils. Bergamot relieves tension and lifts mood, whilst Ylang Ylang helps to dispel negative energy and calm the mind. At the heart of this blend is, the darling of aromatherapists and famous for its ability to promote rest. Citrus Relief: A punchy combination of citrus scents works to revitalise you in this brightening blend. Bitter Orange helps to cut through stress and anxiety, as Grapefruit (White) balances and relaxes, and Lime lifts the spirits. Grounding this vibrant trio is earthy Cypress, which promotes a sense of comfort and soothes restlessness. Four Thieves: Drawing inspiration from the tale of four graverobbers who guarded against the bubonic plague with a similar concoction, this warming blend is both protective and intriguing. Spicy Clove Bud and Cinnamon Bark help to fight against symptoms of seasonal illness, whilst Lemon and Eucalyptus Chinese fight against harmful bacteria. Whilst these oils work to protect the body, Rosemary gives the brain a boost. Relax & Unwind: If you’re in the mood to let go of daily stress and allow your mind to wander, this soothing blend can help. Soothing Bergamot and Lavender relax the brain and heal the body, whilst zesty Lemongrass provides a cleansing element that allows us to fully reset. Sweet Dreams: For a dreamy night’s sleep – and an easy rise the next morning – try this beautiful blend of floral and earthy notes. The sweet, flowery notes of Lavender and Ylang Ylang place the body in a state of relaxation, whilst Cedarwood roots the mind in a place of safety and security. Lemon Verbena floats above the rest, alleviating tension and guiding us gently to sleep.

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